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Recently Active Groups

Stay Charming with Accessories

This is a group for anyone looking to discuss or exchange ideas relating to Women's Fashion, as well as for individuals and businesses, which supply goods and/or provide a service within the Women’s Fashion Industry, to advertise their goods and services.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Only posts/adverts pertinent to the Women’s Fashion market will be allowed.

2. Only one post per product, per day will be allowed.

3. Discrimination of any kind will NOT be tolerated, be it in relation to race, gender, religion, class, or any other differentiation which discriminates against another being in any way.

4. NO posts promoting a religious or political agenda will be tolerated.

5. NO hate speech of any kind will be tolerated In posting or commenting within this group, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to be bound by the above Terms & Conditions.

Failure to adhere to these Terms & Conditions will result in immediate deletion from this group. If you experience or witness any discrimination or hate speech on this group, or observe any transgressions with regards to the above Terms & Conditions, please report it to the group’s administrator as soon as possible. Please note that this group merely acts as a platform for interaction and the exchange/sale of goods and services, and that all whom make use of this group, be it for advertising or purchasing of goods/services, do so at their own risk. The administrators of this group, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage experienced through the use of this group.

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Worldwide TV Shows and Series

Grupo inicialmente pensado para Buffy & Angel,aunque no querría abandonar el grupo ahí al terminarlas,asi que de ahora en adelante no solo seran solo esas sino otras como:Bones,Primeval,Smallvile,Agents,The Flash Etc.

Todo lo que yo vea que me guste lo voy subiendo,si hay mas despues tambien,todos apoyen con las cuentas sino el grupo quedaría abandonado,la idea es compartir y tambien ayudar.Tambien pueden aportar sus series,si necesitan ayuda de como postear me avisan y con gusto les echo ambas manos jajaja.

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Pack N Rush

Welcome! This is a general bag making support group, any pattern, any bag. Feel free to ask for help, or offer help, or simply show what you've made. Be kind, positive and keep it on topic (this isn't the right place for discussions about religion or politics). Any unkind post or comment will be deleted without explanation. Designers, testers, and other related businesses: feel free to post new pattern releases, products, sales, classes, etc. but please avoid posting multiple times advertising the same product. One post will do the trick! I'll remove multiple postings (sorry!). This is a SUPPORT group, not a sales group. Please, no links to affiliate referral sites and no selling or giveaways/promotions directly in the group.

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Old Vintage Watches

This group is a place for watch enthusiasts, or anyone who can appreciate fine craftsmanship and precision instruments, to meet other like-minded people, to discuss the things they like, and just have fun. All we ask is read the rules (you will find here) and have fun.


Welcome to all & to Old Watch Watches. **RULES ARE Old Vintage Watches ONLY ,ALL NEW WATCHES AND NON WATCH ADDS WILL BE DELETE **AND BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL MEMBERS PLEASE ** All Old School Kool Watches are great and have great heritage with a long history and lots of nostalgia. These are watches that have A LOT of people that had as their first watch and that gave us the watchaholic bug. Join the group and share photos of your Vintage Old School Kool Watches! }:-)


Old Vintage Old School Kool Watches community on Facebook is designed to showcase vintage timepieces, and to share information about your watch, or seek information from our diverse group. We define vintage watches as pre 1940’s. 70’s-80’s 90’s we consider “Retro.” We’re not opposed to you sharing your retro pieces. Please do your homework first before asking “What is it worth?” eBay or one of the multitude of sites are a great tools for estimating value of your piece. If you still can’t find any sold items there, then ask the group. You can also sell or trade vintage watches of any brand.

We recommend the following, take good clear pictures from multiple angles. Include dial, crown, case back, bracelet/strap, and movement. Include the brand name, and model/reference number. If your watch has a flaw, call it out. Any piece for sale must include a price for all to see in your native currency and comparable in USD.


Your shipping fee, and shipping from information must also be included. Watch strap/bracelet vendors are allowed and must follow the same rules for selling watches. Scammers will be excluded for the protection of the group. If you suspect someone of bogus or fraudulent activities, please notify any of the moderators/administrators. NO REPRODUCTION, FAKE, or REPLICA with out notification of a fake watches can be deleted .

The only replica watch pictures allowed are those from people unsure before a purchase. do some homework yourself before asking the group. It may save you some embarrassment. Lastly, don’t be a jerk, snob, or rude to other members. We will cut you off with no notice or warning,,if you treat others poorly. This group is designed to enjoy, create friendships with like minded individuals, and all share in our love of vintage watches.


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